A horrible hack

The Apoplexy Twist Ochestra


Year Released: 2001
Format: 5"
Label: React With Protest
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
Well, this rinky-dink little thing comes packed in a swell little cardboard sleeve with an oh-so-simple-oh-so-nice print of a tree with the bands name. Itís truly rather swell.

Then inside is glued a negative from a photograph that I canít make out what it is and a dash more screen printing, and a charming little stapled-together lyric sheet with pictures of how to bandage and dress wounds. Very very nice indeed. It all looks so simple and understated that I just have to gush.

And the music? Fuck knows.

5Ē records donít play on my damn turntable so Iím left with nothing but a small black drinks coaster and nowt else. For the book I was perusing some German website and amongst all the umlauts and stuff I couldnít comprehend were the words ĎOrchidí and ĎUsurp Synapse.í So let that be your guide.

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