A horrible hack

Rilo Kiley

Science vs Romance

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: Falsetto
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hey, this is really nice. I've never heard of, uh, *Scrambles to find record cover and check band name* Rilo Kiley (I keep typing Rilo Kelly), but this is good. I should have given it to Ian really as it's right up his alley, but I am keeping it for myself. Bwahaha. Rilo Kiley does two songs. The first ("Science vs Romance") is slow-paced indie-twee-pop that brings to mind bands such as B'ehl, though with less 'cutesy' vocals. It's all simple and friendly on the ear, and just a very enjoyable little listen - all repetetive jangling guitars and strong vocals, though they throw in a widdly rock guitar solo. "About the Moon" is piano based and has a vaguely countryish feel to it. It gently plods a long and they throw in some very effective trumpets too. Personally I prefer the other side, but this is a decent song.

The promo says they had a song on Dawsons Creek though. Crikey! I am not sure. Dawson has a face that makes me want to punch him in the mouth, and I am not a violent person. Well, emo-violent. Puzzling. I don't really know much about this style of music, but hey. Good release anyway!

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