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Benumb - Pig Destroyer


Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Robotic Empire
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ha ha! I really should have sent this to our resident metal meister, Tom Hughes, but it is a cute lil 3" CD and I couldn't resist keeping it for myself. Sorry Tom!!!

This CD is brutastic for such a tiny piece of whatever material CDs are made of. Benumb go first and have garbled metal vocals over metal music that goes fast and has that funny superfast drum beat and very typically tuned metal guitars. It sounds how you would expect it to sound. Ugly, fast and violent. Dudes would call this sick.

Pig Destroyer do like 7 songs in 9 nano seconds. They are metal but a little more hardcore sounding. They have angry vocals and more melodic guitars. It is mid-paced and crushingly powerful on "Hymn" and then the rest is shockingly fast and fucking nuts. It reminds me of something like Scalplock, but really that's just because they are the only band I know that sounds remotely like this. Dual puking vocals. They do a Dwarves cover ('Fuck You And Get Up High') which they have played as a classy piece of raging hardcore punk. Awesome.

This rocked my stupid cheeks!

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