A horrible hack

All of Fifteen

Away Game

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Glass Tube
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Now, there is a story to relate that comes with this CD. When Colten from the band got in touch to see if I would review it, he said that if there was anything else I wanted, just ask - he included in his list "60's porn". Thinking that Colten was having some fun, I said "sure, send me your CD, and some of that 60's porn". It was more than a tad amusing to open up the package when it arrived and discover that Colten had, for real, sent me an example of 1960's pornography! Heheh. It's quite low key stuff by the way, you'll find much worse in your tabloid newspaper these days!

Ok, I have had this CD for ages now so I thought I had better review it. All of Fifteen play very solid indie rock. The first track, "One Question" sets their stall out from the first moment, as the slide between jangly soft parts and crunchier rock outs at the drop of a hat. They rock out the beefier guitars for the most part, but are well capable of slipping back into something quieter. It's all very traditional and you'll have heard any number of bands do this style since the first Mineral album, but All of Fifteen play it very nicely - slightly roughed up college rock with powerful vocals that don't whine, and don't over do things - the screamier vocals (like on the groovin' "Thirty Six") work really well too. Overall they are finding that ever so rare middle ground, which is good to hear. There are a couple of strange moments, like "Power Struggle" which is really cheesy heavy-rock stuff with gang backups. Kind of amusing! Overall though, this is a rock solid rock record pretty much.

I think if you are into stuff such as Seven Storey Mountain or something like Sense Field, then you will find this a very listenable CD. It even reminds me a bit of older Boilermaker in places, though it's not quite as subtle. And it's certainly much better than other bands I have heard playing this sort of stuff lately. Thumbs up to All of Fifteen, nice job! And cheers for the porn!

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