A horrible hack

The Drago Miette

A Slow Summer Drowning

Year Released: 2002
Format: 7"
Label: HCNL
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I think this is some dudes from Usurp Synapse and some other folks, which should get some radar warnings going off somewhere. Did you sell all your Usurp stuff yet? Anyway, this is really fucking badly recorded, it sounds like it fades in and out. Musically it is screamo that lurks somewhere between what Usurp were doing (mad shit) and more melodic bands like Saetia, like on "The Visitation" it has an awesome twinkly emo part and some violins at the end. They still have keyboards but the music seems to have more of a structure to it and it's really catchy. Sometimes the keyboards go for that church organ sound. It's harsh vocalled, and they wisely avoid the metal - a good thing. They also have a robot voice sample. Get in! These are always good, especially if done in a German accent - note to bands, put in samples of evil Robot Nazi's on your next record, I will instantly give it a good review.

It's good to see we get some good ole screamo obsession with the black arts and death going on here, I love that angle, it's funny. "The Dead Won't Stay Buried!". I read somewhere that there was a theme to this 7", what? A concept 7"? Cripes.

Well, if you can put up with the gawd awful recording, this is a pretty damn fine example of this style of music. Rated.

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