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A+ Electric

Year Released: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Pop Kid
Reviewed by Simon Graver on Jun 13, 2007
A departure from the somewhat straightforward power-pop punk that was evident on the self-titled CDEP and split 7" with The Gain from a couple of years or so ago, A+ Electric sees the band in a more laid-back mood with a wide range of instruments such as the piano, synthesizer and trumpet incorporated into a more mature sounding record. This I feel will open up the band to a new audience; yet, A+ Electric retains the catchy hooks of their previous output, an essential element that will help to avoid alienating fans of the band more accustomed to tracks such as 'Pressure Building' and 'Trial and Error' from the self-titled CDEP.

Whether or not I prefer this current incarnation of Crushstory to the band that recorded those aforementioned records is a difficult question to answer, Crushstory were, and still are an awesome band, it's just they sound different nowadays.

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