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Babies Three - Starmarket


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Year 3000
Reviewed by Ian Cavell on Jun 13, 2007
Musically this is of the highest order but I want to get my one gripe out in the open before I get into the review: a two track CD? What's the idea with that? This really should have been pressed as a split 7". In its present format it just reminds me of a nasty chart single and that is not good!

But its all incidental when compared to the music. The Babies Three play a blend of emo and rock with the emphasis on the latter. Melodic and abrasive in the same way that Hot Water Music mix it up, this is great stuff. Check out this previously unreleased song and marvel. And then check out their new LP and marvel at another great UK band.

As for Starmarket, well, I've always had a soft spot for them. But the track on this CD, 'When I was young', is something else altogether. I think the words I'm looking for are FUCKING AMAZING. The Swedish gods of melodic rock seem to have ditched their old mid-paced sound (which I loved) for a more upbeat, poppy sound in the Promise Ring vein. And I love it even more. This is the kind of song that you can play like 10 times a day and never tire of it. Fantastic.

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