A horrible hack

Fcs North


Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Pacifico
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
pronounced "focus north" this seattle area band are here to calm you down. put you to sleep. and tap you on the shoulder to remind you, "you should be listening, this is exciting". members of satisfact and red stars theory put together the most beautiful instrumental music to be heard by this boy. [move over tristeza]. three songs on this twelve inch. the first taking the whole first side, "blue white blue", being the most entrancing. layer over layer is placed underneath drum effects and real live drumming [you wouldn’t tell by listening]. "blue white blue" moves steadily along, seemingly at a nice level and then bursts into a big commotion of controlled chaos.

the second side, although very entertaining, has trouble matching up with the first side. but no experiments are pursued on the flipside and the results are wonderful. the same haunting melodies and tricky rhythms.

if the roots of orchis were to put more time into writing, and had a little more patience. they would have made this record. but fortunately, fcs north made sure it happened instead. pure brilliance was put ahead of making an "art" record.

fcs north are / have been touring with the vogue down the west coast. the attention is on the vogue. but in my opinion. it should be the other way. enjoyable to all, listen to this record.

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