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Sunfactor - Carver

Between Here And There

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Year 3000
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
Three new songs from the Sunfactor emo-rock machine. The first track "Forget you" is one of Sunfactors usual upbeat rocking efforts. Meanwhile, "Nothing means anything" is far more laid back and melancholic, akin to someone like Elliott. That's quite an impressive comparison, but it really is up to that quality I can assure you. The final track from Sunfactor "Glad to see you're not dead" heads in a more upbeat Mineral direction, like a couple of the tracks off their first EP. Marvellous stuff, starts off really slow - then builds to a powerful and emotional climax. In general then, more of the same high quality tunes from Sunfactor. Full length? When?

Swiftly onto the Carver tracks. Carver are great. Emo-core with real substance and urgency. More upbeat and screamier than Sunfactor. "Noah's first wave" starts off very melodic. Then about half way through the vocalist gets all screamy in a fit of tempered emotion. The second track "The apache tears" covers many different styles and sounds all in one song. Starts off slow and rocky, and builds into a wonderful melodic-hardcore song. The guitars really strike me as great and the combined sung and screamy vocals towards the end really make this the standout track of the entire CD. Final song "The b-side to cathedral town" is an emotional rocky number that compares to Texas is the Reason or early Pop Unknown, and yet remains fresh and original. Needless to say, this also gets my seal of approval.

Oh, did I mention the packaging? Only one word needed - beautiful.

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