A horrible hack


Piece Of Piss

Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: Red
Reviewed by Hari Ashurst on Jun 13, 2007
What is this you may ask? I certainly did when I opened the fucker to be confronted with a coloured Kiss vinyl. On no wait; on closer inspection it says Piss. Now why would you go and do that. With my expectations at zero I started to listen. There are some guys making noises and a producer yelling instructions now and again. When you reach one of the later ‘tracks’ you find out that (I hope this doesn’t spoil any surprises) Piss are ‘The Worlds First Air Guitar Band’. I know, it sounds as crazy as I feel typing it. So get this, these guys go to all the effort to press a review only coloured vinyl promo of an E.P. Then they send it out to reviewers, and a rip in time space opens up. Reviewer’s jaws across the country collectively drop, then drop further when they realise it isn’t Kiss. Then we listen to this thing and our jaws are on the floor.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert on Air Guitar but I should imagine a certain level of performance is required. In fact I would go as far as saying about 80 to 95% of Air Guitar is about performance. The other percent is divided between those silly clothes and those unfathomable noises you make while ‘playing’. So, by releasing this music on vinyl we are only getting a mere 5% of the act. For this, we can be thankful.

I presume therefore that this is a joke. So in the spirit of things here is a sound bite for your next press release: “The world is over as we know it, all bands can official retire, music is saved and Jesus has been respawned. We owe our lives to Piss”.

I rate the joke and the record a triumphant 0/5. There is no lower form of anything, ever.

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