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Go Team

Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: Seriously Groovy
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
It seems an age since the last time I heard Econoline, so it brought a smile to my gob when I found this in my mail. What's more, it's a 7”. Hurrah for vinyl sent for review! The first song on here is “Go Team” which is a chameleon of a track, evolving through several distinct stages during it's charming indie-pop lifetime. It starts off with a lovely twinkly acoustic style with awesome harmonised vocals (one much quieter and deeper), before the song develops into a more rocking affair with more urgent vocals. It's like a cross between American Football / Ugly Casanova / indie-emo from 1997-98. Or something. Most of the song it works for me, although at one point they ditch the structure that they had been using and go for a brief instrumental section that I don't think fits before it drops back out into the gently rolling basslines and twinkling guitars that play off against each other to incredible effect, whilst the singing disappears into the background behind spoken vocals. It's super impressive, the layers of sound really come together well. NICE.

29/10/02 is on the flipside, and it starts with some weird drum effects (the beats sound clipped) before the emoted whiney singing drifts into earshot. They mix in other electronic effects, distortion and reverberation and it kind of gets a bit too much really. I can't really say I enjoyed this side, but not to worry. “Go Team” more than makes this 7” worth hearing. Hurrah!

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