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The Pixies

Wave Of Mutilation

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: 4AD
Reviewed by Hari Ashurst on Jun 13, 2007
There is no reason for this reunion. It seems, and most likely is, a shameless cash in. I would be more sympathetic if the band had recorded new material and were touring to support it, but all we have is this ‘greatest hits’, which is essentially a rehashing of ‘death to…’ with a couple of extra tracks. That said, this, like ‘death to…’ is a great introduction to The Pixies, and if you haven’t heard the Pixies then this is a good place to get started.

For fans however, we all have our favourite songs, and our favourite album (Bossanova for me) and this release is superfluous to our collection.

So I present to you my favourite (less obvious) pixies songs complete with capsule reviews.

1. Wild Honey Pie – The Pixies were a masterful cover band and it’s still delightful to hear them tearing through this Beatles song, slaughtering every note as they go.
2. Break My Body – Kim Deal struggling to deliver wild vocals in the chorus is one of my favourite Pixies moments.
3. Tame – This is more vital, edgy, scary, and cathartic than anything Kurt Cobain ever accomplished.
4. Cactus – Frank Black pushes a high pitched vocal above a muddy guitar line. This song always seemed to be too quiet, perhaps alarmingly quiet. Even Bowie couldn’t make this track better.
5. Number 13 Baby – The vocal delivery of the line“I’m in a state” is still one of my favourites.
6. Ana – The version of this song on ‘Live at the BBC’ is perfect. Awash with reverb and surf guitar lines.
7. The Happening – One of the many highlights from ‘Bossanova’. The final minute of this song is about as good as the Pixies get.
8. Hey – The version from ‘Live at the BBC’ again, manages to be superior to its original.
9. Levitate Me – I was shocked that this song wasn’t included on ‘Death to…’ and again I’m shocked that it doesn’t feature on the new greatest hits collection.
10. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) – From ‘Live At The BBC’, this song manages to be almost as disturbing in two minutes than the whole of ‘Eraserhead’.
11. Havalina – My favourite closing song ever.

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