A horrible hack

Airstrip One


Year Released: 2004
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a nice little 3 track demo from a band that I have heard the name of but not heard anything about. There is no info in the photocopied inlay, but they an English band I think from oop north somewhere or maybe not. Their style is a mix between the traditional UK melodic hardcore sound of bands like Broccoli or Torino '74 (remember them) mixed up with a more jangly indie/emo flavour of the likes of Braid or Spy vs Spy for a closer to home reference. The first song is rocking and fairly simple, then they get a little more intricate on "High Hopes" but still keep hold of the melodies and goodness. The third song, "Anti-Static" has more of a complex intro that is slightly jazzy, but musically it is more of the same although perhaps the least impressive of the songs on here. The vocals overall in this demo are pretty decent but maybe could do with being a bit stronger or cutesier or something because at the moment they don't really stand out. I am sure that'll come with time!

This is a good start, and I bet I would enjoy seeing them play live and I expect that if I had a couple of beers I would be down the front nodding my head and tapping my feet and maybe even clapping a bit like a spazz. Good solid demo, would be nice to hear at some point!

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