A horrible hack

Jet Johnson

Death Song

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Seriously Groovy
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I always enjoy getting something new by Jet Johnson for review, as they tend to put out nice music. This 4 song cd-single doesn't change that, with "Death Song" continuing their tradition of being pleasant and soothing indie music with soft vocals. Things wander a long at a gentle summers pace for 4 minutes, it's fairly repetitious, starting out in a minimal and unintrusive fashion, whilst the two guitars build up from the calm beginnings to scooting around in a twinkly vein not too dissimilar to stuff like Christie Front Drive, although it's buried a bit. That is not a good comparison for the whole song.

The second track is an electronic remix of "Le Jet", not really my cup of char. Then there is "Rekkedal", which has a delightful sound with spacey echoing vocals and some slightly jazzy, jangly guitar that is very much in the vein of American Football. Again the song builds up a bit as it goes along, the layers getting louder or so it seems. The 4th and final song is "9000 Men", done in an acoustic fashion that brings to mind Ida or whoever influenced Ida or something. There is also a video on the CD, if that interests you.

Overall - a very neat little single.

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