A horrible hack

Bus Station Loonies

Have A Drink

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: ?
Reviewed by Luke Younger on Jun 13, 2007
Aha! A new cd by one of the best UK punk bands I've heard in a long time. My first experience of the Loons was their track on the Chumbawumba (sell-outs!) 7" with fellow punks Wat Tyler, Oi Polloi etc. Their track was a cracker but these tracks blow that one right out of good old Blighty's waters!! It kicks off with "Skin, You Win" which is a scathing attack on the way Skinheads are treated in our society (not something I relate too directly but I can certainly sympathize with them). It's got a pretty hard street punk beat but the vocals are delivered in such an emotional style that I'm sure even Hot Water Music fans would sit up and take note - I know I did! The only track I didn't like was the really fast number "I am Oi!", in my opinion it's just too fast to pogo to (and if you can't pogo to it whats the point?). Overall a great record.

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