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Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Badmusic
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Some nice stuff from this new UK band, taking on a style of indie rock that differs from most currently being purveyed on these shores. Opening song “EmV” kicks in with a lovely winding intro, though I don’t really like the effect on the guitar (reverb? or something?) too much, but the song develops into a nice mellowed out indie rock number with occasional bursts of noisy guitar to liven things up a bit. It reminds me a little Jejune, the way it will meander for a while before exploding into rock. Has a rather lovely twinkle-out to bring the song to it’s final crunching conclusion. “Topology” is perhaps my favourite of these 4 tracks, and it bounces a long extremely catchily, with a touch of bubbly keyboard in the background (I think!). Very easily comparable to Braid and the Promise Ring in the way the simple riff lodges itself in your head and refuses to budge. Nice vocal work too. “Bit” calms things down again into a depressed sounding jangle-a-thon. Drifting, it never quite explodes into the life it often sounds like it is building up to. Lastly we have “Buena Vista”, which kicks off with all whispery vocals. Fragile, blissed-out and laid back, before driving into a post-hardcore swirl and falling back out again at the drop of a hat. Sway to this.

I think these guys would be well suited to a bill with bands like Sunfactor and Pylon, but I am not sure that they lurk within the UK ‘emo’ scene though, and probably never had any pretension of being tagged that way in the first place. Anyway, someone go holler at the scenesters, a lot of people out there will love these guys if they could get to hear them.

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