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Glam Cripple

Year Released: 2000
Format: 12" EP
Label: Chemikal Underground
Reviewed by Luke Younger on Jun 13, 2007
I saw this band at the Reading festival (yes folks) along with many others as they were playing right before At The Drive-In, except I actually was there to specifically see them and not to grab a place for ATDI. Aereogramme have a guy from a Scottish band called Ganger in them, and Ganger were really good. Anyway, Aereogramme played a really good tight set of post-hardcore that impressed me no end, so it's just a bit of a shame that this first release from them seems like a total waste of time. First track "Fuel to Burn" crashes in like Ligament having a battle with Jawbox, ie: heavy as fuck at the right times, but managing to keep some kind of tune to it. It's magnificent stuff, but the following tracks, "The Ocean Red", "Fireworks" and a remix of Fireworks are a bit puzzling. The first two are acoustic efforts that just totally wash over me, and the remix is a total waste of time for a band that really should be putting some quality material on their first major release (especially when it's a remix of an incredibly non-descript track).

A shame really. I know Aereogramme are a great band - I've seen them live, but this is a total disapointment all the way. If you like bands like Kids Near Water, then you'll love Aereogramme because Aereogramme are a better version. Their full length album will be awesome, you can count on it.

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