A horrible hack

Anton Bordman


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Moganono
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, the packaging here is ludicrous and the music isnít exactly sane either. Anton Bordman is a duo and they are adding their own slightly unique take on the emo violence scene. Hurried vocals are yelped out over erratic drum beats and hyper-active basslines. This is like, seriously fucked. I canít really compare them to anyone else as itís pretty original, though the vocals certainly bare a resemblance to Reversal of Man when screamed, but they mix the style up at times, cos the other guy sounds like the dude from Hail Mary. The herky-jerky rhythms bring to mind Antioch Arrow, inducing a high spazz-out to dance ratio in the listener. More often than not, youíll lose control than do the twist.

And I havenít even mentioned the crazy-assed booklet that comes with it. Song explanations, lyrics, and other bits and pieces. This is intelligent stuff and not the usual incomprehensible ramblings that is rife in this particular musical style. More in common with Palatka than Usurp Synapse, thatís for sure. Anyway, Iíll have to sit down with this and read it properly from cover to cover.

Moganono is putting out some cool shit, and few are noticing. Wake.

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