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This Machine Kills - Bury Me Standing


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Code Of Ethics
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Split 7” here showcasing the occasion that the split record can a bad format, i.e. one band is great, the other is not worthy of a moment of your time, and you wish you could throw the record out, but can’t because it has great music on the other side. Ain’t that the shame?

This Machine Kills is the good band here, and they play sprawling, chaotic hardcore in the vein of many good bands. “Guilty as Fuck” rages out of control with aggressive guitars, and doubled up screamin’ vocals. Hardcore with an emo input, definitely in the vein of Torches to Rome, Red Scare and Last Forty Seconds. The second track is “My Generation” (no, not a cover of the Who song) is more of the same, rampant and crushing, all I can do is recommend. The style is explosive and perhaps would suit a full length of 10” EP to allow me to get into it even more. Definitely a band who should be on Ebullition.

I’m sure Bury Me Standing are lovely folks and all, and they thank some very cool bands on the inlay, but the two songs here are just baaad. “Letter of Resignation” is chuggy metalcore with throaty vocals. Technical and dull, I can hear no redeeming features here, though I guess if you’re super into the style you’d really appreciate it, I just don’t know who to compare it too as I don’t like this sort of thing at all. Then you have “The Punchline Is The Closing of A Casket” where they change styles dramatically and go emo-pop-metal. Weird, and I am afraid I don’t really get it.

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