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Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Spy-Fi
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Well, this is great but it’s about a second long. Ok, 13 minutes long. But it needs to be a full length. How can you get into an instrumental band over 5 songs and 13 minutes? Gone in a flash. Anyways…

Argentina are playing indie instrumentals, in that it’s all ‘traditional’ instrument based, rather than relying on electronica or an orchestra. There’s probably a little keyboard in there, but it’s hard to spot. “National Anthem” is all rumbling drums and dischordant chunky riffing in a post-hardcore fashion. “My Bathtub’s An Ocean” opens up with organ music oozing from the speakers, and thus it rolls by for another couple of minutes. Nice. “Question Answers” sees them try a slightly different approach, a downbeat college-rock number with drifting vocals that have a slight rough edge to them, good stuff but again it’s too short. Two more instrumental numbers after that, “Miami” is laid back and calmly slides a long, using keyboards again, and “Twin Tower” which switches to the more powerful end of their music, with almost frantic drumming and hyper-active bass.

If you like Paul Newman or perhaps Tristeza, and, closer to home, Reynolds, then you’ll like what Argentina are doing. And I think their drummer used to be in Spirit Assembly. Woo, now there’s another case of irrelevant ex-member info for ya.

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