A horrible hack

A Great Divide


Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Frenetic Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Well if you must know, they have the original drummer from Yaphet Kotto. But it’s not often that a drummer will dictate a bands sound, or make people sit up and take notice. So, luckily, the band don’t simply sit back and let an irrelevant factoid like that get in the way, they step up and smash your face in with rhythmical, groove ridden hardcore that is the rage with a certain few bands down in Florida right now.

“High Register” slinks onto the scene, building a mood with rumbling bass, waiting for the right moment to get started properly, then slinks away leaving the ex-member to pound his sticks. And suddenly. “Home Is The Hero” strikes up, and we are GO! Helter-skelter hardcore, grab yourself a rug and take a ride. Hear the huge Shotmaker influence these guys have. The rolling rhythm’s of that band are adapted and brought up to date by a couple of years, as the band bounce off walls amidst the controlled chaos. Hence it sounds totally in the style of the 12 Hour Turn LP. Are you noticing yet? NOTICE! And whilst it’s not a tear-away fast record, everything is over and done with in 24 minutes. No hanging around here.

Vocals are also kinda similar to Shotmaker, strained and sung, without resorting to screams too much. Backups are used liberally to provide a cool contrast, whilst you’re rocking back and forth in your seat. Don’t fall out!

Last year the best hardcore record I got by a band no-one ever will hear of was by Zeuxeus. Chances are that this years will take that honour this time out.

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