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The Cable Car Theory - I, Robot


Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: Immigrant Sun
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Right, what have we here? We have here a split 7" I have been trying to get hold of for absolutely ages. A while back, I, Robot put out a fantastic 7" on Golden Tooth records, and as far as I know this is the only other stuff they've put out. They've split up now. Of course. Anyway, first on here is "Touch the Sky". If you like bands like Yaphet Kotto and Saetia, this song is instantly going to appeal to you. The music is powerful and fast, driven on familiar territory. They hit with the full force of the emo groove - dark hints of melodies, forceful bass, falling down vocals, the momentary pause for breathe, and even some singing at one point over a pulsing finale. This track rams home the point that the fact that these guys have split is a real waste. The band also offer up "Without Armor", which is more of the same, except it actually calms down, and the part with the sung vocals is perfectly executed amidst the swaying chaos of the rest of the track. Oh yes, it even has the required twinkle part, to round off the song. No shocks there then. All in all, I Robot played very traditional screamo, but they were fucking excellent at it. If you're into this style, and you missed hearing this band, kick yourself.

Meanwhile, Cable Car Theory are probably sick of:

a) people saying they have a stupid name, and
b) people comparing them to Hot Water Music

Both are true though. Though that simple comparison really is unfair, as CCT are a lot more than just another HWM ripoff band. That they have similarities is blatantly obvious, with the gruff vocals that aren't quite screamy enough to deter the emo rock kids, but aren't too whiny to deter the hardcore kids. CCT pack a lot of rock into their hardcore, and have plenty of melodic parts that make you want to nod your head real fast or tap your foot. "The Answer" blasts a long at quite a rate, stopping only to finish really. "Call Me 'Killer'" rumbles in on a total ROCK intro, then tumbles into the song and the shouting begins. It's good stuff again, and leaves you wanting some more. Get their album then. All in all, this is great rock hardcore for anyone into HWM and Planes Mistaken For Stars, though the production is slightly lacking for me.

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