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And - The Ors

Will Self Destruct

Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Better Looking
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This record review may end all of a sudden. If I run out of words to talk about... as this CD that is more than a tad on the mediocre side, unfortunately. I am not sure I could have found anyone at Collective who could have given this one a seriously good review, so I kept it for myself. Guys, I saved you the bother. Don't say I never do anything for you.

The And/Ors play straight up indie / pop. Or "garage pop" as the promo sheet tells me. I guess that means pop music with a slightly carefree attitude, and rougher production than you might expect. It also means the occasional 30 second long song that you think was gonna last longer, but doesn't. That makes me think of Wolf Colonel and the fun little 7" they had out on K. And I guess the overall style here is somewhat similar to what Wolf Colonel did on their disappointing album that followed that. Hmm. The lead vocals are a little out of tune in places and don't really help the band out. Backing vocals (and bass) come courtesy of Araby Harrison (if the name is not familiar: Jejune), and I am not sure how much influence she had on this. Certainly the style in places at times is heading in that spacey pop direction that Jejune appeared headed in, such as on the "Timespacechanger" which is full of airy sounds and swirly guitars but never really goes anywhere in the end unfortunately. "Screams Nicole" also sounds like Jejune when they played their simple, pleasant indie pop stuff.

There is a couple of songs that are easily worth a listen. The buzzing "flexiclocks" is pulsing indie rock with a catchy little chorus. It reminds me of some of Foil's poppier moments, especially the guitar sound, which is no bad thing at all. And "The Black Diamond Prince" is upbeat and danceable.

There's nothing seriously bad about this record, it's just failing to excite me enough to make me shout FUCK YES, and give it a 9 rating, and tape it for people, and do all those kind of things that great records make you wanna do. This record makes me not pay attention. That's not how it's supposed to be.

Nice, but not enough.

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