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True North - The Red Scare


Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: Sound Virus
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
True North. The Red Scare. One record. Isn’t that all you need to know? What further encouragement could you need to get hold of this? As if it’s going to suck. You should be ashamed for even considering the possibility.

But just in case…

Two songs from True North, and they aren’t exactly headed in a new direction (ho ho), this is mid 90’s style chaotic hardcore charged with personal politics. “It’s 3am Do You Know Where Your Ballot Box Is” was probably written with the US general elections in mind, and seems to be about getting people within the ‘scene’ who have strong opinions to actually try and do something constructive, rather than simply have some radical opinion and do nothing with it - “We can put into action all our complaints, or continue talking out of our asses”. Musically it’s a KO blast to the face in the vein of a long Assfactor 4 song. Throaty screamy vocals, and a relentlessly driving assault. A prime chaotic spazz-out for all the family. The other song is “Single Fin Mentality”, with Dave Diem on main vocals to give it that 12 Hour Turn feel. A punishing bass-line and barely detectable strain of melody power it a long. Once again the lyrics are worth checking out.

The Scare are covering a song called “Send Me An Angel” by a band called Real Life. Now, I’ve never heard of the original, so checked out about 30 seconds of it via Napster. Yikes. Full on 80’s cheeze metal based on that short burst. No idea why the Scare opted to cover it! Anyway, they play some mid-paced crunchy screamo hardcore here, I’m not sure who to compare it to, it’s quite different from their debut LP. Check out the guitar solo. Woah.

Oh, and if anyone can explain why there is a toilet on the cover, then that would be neat. Thanks.

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