A horrible hack


Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!

Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Ebullition
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hubba. This rages - start to finish. 10 more mad mosh screamo cuts from the mighty Orchid, a band that has become so consistently great that no-one ever even shit talks them on message boards any more. Shocking. Anyway, this 10” isn’t much of a departure from their album, being as it is a similar relentless tide of heaviness that has me recoiling from repeated punishing blasts.

It’s difficult to know what else to say about this to be honest. Once the pounding riffage kicks in and the vocals start to sear off your turntable, you’ll get caught up in the sheer power, and haveas much difficulty restraining yourself as the band does. Apart from a few moody, emo, intro parts, this is just a demolition job from start to finish, bruising you from the utter force of it all. Though things do take a change of speed on the mid-paced “…And the Cat Turned To Smoke”, where they even have a violin spiralling around in the chugging chaos.

Well, I guess if you want to hear more Orchid, you’re in luck.

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