A horrible hack

Rise and Fall


Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Surprise Attack
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
I think the malcomigator is in a bad mood with me as there is no reason why I should even try to be nice about this cd, but I will try... Hah. Now, as strange as it may sound but I admit to being quite fond of a bit of heavy moshy hardcore... When I say a little I mean I will play my vision of disorder or all out war once cd's once in a while and that sates my macho side for a couple of months. Lets do a quick summary list...

  • Pissed off lyrics (presumably because they didn't get any clothing sponsorship yet)
  • chuggy guitar sound (presumably because they don't have the ability to play technical stuff yet)
  • breakdowns (presumably so their friends can can lose their shit)
  • token singy song (presumably so they can try and get signed to roadrunner, oh and as an aside, The dude has the worst singing voice I have heard in my fucking life)
  • dark and tough photo (presumably so they can look so damn tough!)
  • crap artwork (presumably because they want to be metal, and metalheads love hell, oh so scarey!)
This is the soundtrack to violence for the kind of people who think hardcore is about the music and nothing else. This is a cd for the kids that think they are gangsta and give themselves nicknames like "bart the flex" or "kev the spoiler" yeah taken from the thanks list, I am thinking "what the fuck!?" as well. So the only question I am left with is do I quote reversal of man or ds:13 as my kiss off to this cd?

Neither, this band don't even deserve that homour. What I will say is more pit injuries in hardcore, prefrably permanent ones, prefrabaly to these sort of tough guy/jocks/neds/arseholes who should quit thinking they can be diy until a bigtime heavy metal label comes a knocking. This disc is nothing but fuckheads out to prove how macho they are.


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