A horrible hack


All Our Tomorrows End Today

Year Released: 2004
Format: 10"
Label: Ebullition
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This came a little out of the blue, I had no idea that Ampere were doing a record on Ebullition so it was a nice surprise. You don't get those too often these days, records are often hyped out of all proportion leading to the inevitable internet backlash and message board bickering. I hadn't seen a word about Ampere doing a 10". Coo. Anyway, how is it? It's pretty damn solid, although it flashes by before your very ears, dealing out 11 tracks of emotional chaos, doing a pretty neat trick of blending the spazz of Orchid with the pretty bits of Saetia. That's a simple and lazy comparison to make, but I haven't done much reviewing lately so you'll have to forgive me. The guitars are helter-skelter, and the drumming is fast yet precise. The vocals are normally hoarse and screamy, though they sometimes drop into weepiness. I like it. It's a bit different to a lot of the other chaotic screamy emo around at the mo, so makes for a nice change in that department. It's still no different to a whole bunch of other records that have come out since 1999, but hey. I don't really have that much more to add, as I would heartily recommend this to anyone who appreciates music where some guy goes ARGH-WARGH and a bunch of skilled folks spazz their instruments in a chaotic / melodic fashion. Simple!

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