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He Taught Me Lies - Rick Gribenas

Genealogies & Collaborations

Year Released: 2004
Format: LP
Label: Hope
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Took me a moment to work out that this wasn't a split LP, but a record on which HTML and a fella named Rick Gribenas collaborated on some tracks, but not on others. Whoops. Anyway. HTML are proof that there is still fine emo / hc records out there being made by bands that nobody ever talks about. Idly watch people on the internet posting their top 10 cool bands of August 8th, and chances are nobody will mention HTML, even the kid who thinks he has every emo record ever. Maybe it's because there is a fair bit more to this band than a mere sound. A cursory glance through the booklet that comes with the record will assure you of that. There are song explanations, which is something I always am into and wish more bands would do.

The record opens with an awesome elongated intro that grooves away for quite some time repetetively before the pained, screamed vocals emerge. The track continues to roll along as it did before, with the vocals over the top. Good stuff, kind of similar to Max Colby. Other tracks vary in style too, for example "The Invitation" is short, fast and thrashy. And there are some electronic moments that appear at times, but they never intrude or become too bothersome. These are Rick Gribenas contributions. "Go Blue" is probably my favourite track, which pulsates with a thundering pace and yelled vocals - the song explanation about some people that sued a university due to a particular admissions policy is very interesting too. There are some great, sobby parts on this that recall the Vida Blue as does the guitar sound. Super good. It flows really well into "Confessions of An Amateur Vexhilologist" (!) with spoken vocals and a warm sound of guitars gently washing back and forth. Slint! Vexhilogists collect flags apparently. The song breaks out after a while with more of those excellent vocals and flailing guitars. Ace.

Overall, a fine LP that is well worth checking out. Note: This record is not for people who struggle with bands doing something different with hardcore / emo.

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