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Mach Tiver - the Creature


Year Released: 2004
Format: 7"
Label: limbless
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
You know what bugs me when I start thinking about pointless shit that really has no bearing on life whatsoever? It's those kids that are all "yeah, I own every mid 90s emo record ever, I'm so fucking cool" who don't know who bands like Mach Tiver are. If they saw this record in a distro box they'd trip over themselves to acquire it's screenprinted manilla enveloped contents, thinking it was some long lost trip down a memory lane on which they never ever lived on. And Ha! When they got it home they'd find out it was released in 2004, and burst into tears. Pfft. Mach Tiver are "the nuts", as people with a limited vocabulary might say. They are a two piece emo band from Canada that plays a dark and deadly brand of emo that is very easy to liken to Shotmaker. This track lopes along for the most part in a very moody fashion with screamed vocals at the forefront. It's got the groove, it's got the drive, it's got the emo.

The Creature are on the flipside, and they initially seem an odd pairing with Mach Tiver, playing some fairly rocked up melodic hardcore, a style of music that really isn't trendy at all, but they do a pretty good job with it. The vocals initially bugged me, but once the song got going and powered along it really picks up. The bass really pushes things on at a pace, whilst one other more piercing guitar creates the melody. It really does rock a lot, they throw in some screamy backups at times which I normally would be put off by, but this time I am not. I guess it's like early Thursday but with no production. There you go, nobody is remotely interested in this any more. Oh well, their loss.

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