A horrible hack

Bridge To Solace

Of Bitterness And Hope

Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Let It Burn
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

An aquaintance of mine sent me a cdr of this some time ago as he'd picked it up at thier show and had been really impressed, now thanks to the Gator I finally have a proper copy.

I think the original cdr was sent my way because I'd apparently quite unhiply expressed quite a liking for the last Shai Hulud lp, and I can very much see the link, but this is a lot more kind of primal and more obviously metal influenced with a lot of big anthemic Maiden style leads going through nearly every song (they are from Hungary). It is a lot faster and more energetic and just a bit more punk...

Interestingly, alot of the songs end with a big spoken word part, which to begin with sounds pretty cheesy, and could probably do with some sort of explanation in the sleeve maybe, but they do sound quite impassioned if a bit pretentious. It's something a bit different though, so credit where it's due for making an effort.

Despite all that I actually really like this album and admire how accessable they've managed to make it all, and it has alot more character than a lot of bands from parts of the world that might consider themselves more clued in...

If you like the idea of metallic hardcore that actually is pretty epic, rather than just thinks it is, then you should definatley investigate.

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