A horrible hack

The Verna Cannon

Movie Star Faces

Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Cargo
Reviewed by Ian Cavell on Jun 13, 2007
If I'm gonna be brutally honest I was beginning to dread the sight of these cheap plastic promo things that occasionally get thrown in Collective's direction. Because, for the most part, they really do suck in a post-emo, trying so hard to be different, generally not being any good kind of way. And when I say they suck, man, are they appalling.

Until the day, that is, when the Verna Cannon CD arrived and well, without meaning to sound overly dramatic, they pretty much melted the heart of this poor hardcore kid. I almost feel ashamed as to the inevitable cackhanded review whereupon I struggle to surmise something I really have no knowledge about. Listening to the ten blissful tracks that comprise Movie Star Faces I realise how completely bereft of comparisons I am. Reading the press release merely adds to the confusion.

So struggling, I try to make sense out of the delicate balance. The twisting passage between thoughtful pop songs, underpinned with the angelic female vocals, through to the soaring sound of violin led acoustic tracks and back again. A meandering emotional path that you never want to leave. And in the end I collapse defeated, drained of emotion yet content to let the soothing sounds of the Verna Cannon carry me away to where ever it is they are headed. Its just the easiest way.

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