A horrible hack

Amdi Petersens Armé


Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: Kick n' Punch
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Woah. Hardcore punk, and like, about as old skool sounding as hardcore punk gets. Because the guitars and the recording sound like Minor Threat, and I suppose that’s who they owe a major debt too. Heh.

APA are from Denmark, and apparently blew people away with recent live shows. Based on this 7” I would have liked to have seen that. Fast, basic HC punk with angry, snarly vocals. No frills here, this is just served straight. Fast, lo-fi recording, and just a touch off the wall. It sounds like someone just dug up a 7” from like 20+ years ago and re-pressed it! Especially on the A side, “Stalinjugend” just belts a long with a fervour. Rocking! Overall Side B hits a bit harder, with “Skate Og Dø” being the stand out track on here. And the smash-up at the end is a pretty cool sample with bottles being broken and cars revving. Wonder what’s going on?

8 songs too. At times it’s a bit weak sounding, but overall I have to say I enjoyed this record. It’s the perfect antidote for anyone frustrated at hardcore’s current infatuation with metal and indie rock. Don’t you fucking get it?

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