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Year Released: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Equal Vision
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

The new album from Boston band Bars, I really shouldn't be into this, but I cant help myself, i think this rocks.

Bassically this is a bunch of old(ish) hardcore dudes playing stuff that's kind of more RAWK influenced, guitar solos and all, but still with the kind of darker 'modern' Boston edge to it, and I think it's cool a band like that has got off its arse and tried to do something a bit more interesting, but then I guess they had nothing to lose as I imagine whatever these guys decided to do next it would be panned to hell, whatever, it's come up trumps and sounds a lot more like a band writing for themselves than so many bands these days, even if this sucked i would kind of respect them for it...

So i know I always go on about members previous/other outfits in stuff I'm writing about, but it does make being more specific about their sound often a lot easier, and of all thier bands (Piecemeal, Hope Conspiracy, Ten Yard Fight, American Nightmare, Red Chord, Suicide File etc...) this is probably more in line with a dirtier, tight leather trouser clad Hope Conspiracy, although that could just be to do with the vocals, but musically it does have that edge of early Hope Con... kinda.

Basically everyone reading will hate this and it's almost certainly not DIY but as long as no one is kidding themselves we'll all end up listening to bands that aren't, because we mostly all just love MUSIC....

Whether there is any specific relevance in so many former straight edge types naming thier band 'Bars' remains to be seen...

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