A horrible hack



Year Released: 2001
Format: 7"
Label: Southern
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Iíd never heard this band before (couldnít be bothered to check out yet another post-rock instrumental band), but having acquired this rather tasty piece of grey wax, Iíll be more inclined to keep an ear out for things they do in the future. Two songs on here, both are meandering, gentle compositions. Very pleasant, and ultra-enjoyable. ďHannibalĒ twinkles away over the warm bass sound and creates a rather nice soundscape indeed. They pick up the power every now and again for a little diversity. I guess you canít go wrong with bands that do a good job of sounding like Aerial M.

Side B is the best named track Iíve come across in ages: ďA Bear Explains The Right And Wrong Ways To Put On A Shirt, Shoes, Pants And A CapĒ. Right on. The artwork for this 7Ē is just super too. Anyway, this track is faster and more like Tortoise (especially in the drumming). I prefer the A-side, but itís still fine.

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