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Year Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Minority
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
More cool stuff from the Czech Republic here, from the people that brought you Waawe, as if that's going to mean a whole lot to more than a few people reading. Heh. Anyways, C are blazing an instrumental trail across this 7 song, 23 minute EP and they are doing it with style and panache. OK, so for the majority of the time they aren't stepping beyond the boundaries of the noises you can make with bass, drums, guitar and a post-hardcore / post-rock ideal, but every now and again they crank it open and do something different. For example, the opener, "Comm - Post Rock" has some lovely bubbly electronica that drifts into play and alter the mood - giving things a Tristeza type flavour. Though the real variations come on "Bristol Connection" and "Brewery 8pm". The former breaks in with a super classy jazzy sound. Some absolutely fantastic drumming, and a trippy organ sound provide the backing for the spoken word that they place over the top from MC JD. Probably the standout track on this CD in my opinion, and rather different from the rest of the music they are trying. "Brewery 8pm" has some excellent sweeping guitar effects layered against a repetitive rhythm and spacey keyboards. Seems to remind me of Antarctica in places, though much more focused.

If you like the more aggressive stuff from bands like Paul Newman and Dianogah, you can't really fault what C are doing. This is a good little record, and definitely something you should give a chance if you're into the whole post-hardcore instrumental style.

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