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Buried At Sea

She Lived For Others, But Died For Us

Year Released: 2004
Format: 12" EP
Label: Seventh Rule
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 13, 2007
One-sided LPs featuring etchings by Khanate’s Stephen O’Malley don’t come along every day, so this record is already pretty special. Luckily the music destroys all before it too.

Buried At Sea are part of the next wave of bands taking cues from Neurosis and EyeHateGod, perhaps a little literally on the second of the two tracks here. Their cover of EHG’s “White Nigger” features Kevin Sharp, ex-of Brutal Truth, so it’s more than just a simple curiosity. Mean as hell, without the usual huge preponderance on an all-encompassing bass attack favoured by many bands of this ilk, ensuring you hear that seasick tune first and foremost. I’ve always thought Sharp had one of the better screams in heavy music; throaty, distinct and with enough enunciation to let you know he’s fucking unhappy with you and the shitty world we’re flailing about in. Everyone involved acquits themselves admirably here, which is no mean feat considering the weighty source material.

The opening 11-minute title track is the true masterpiece however. Beginning with an ominous, echoing bit of strumming, before slamming into some beautifully twisted and slow, though not painfully so, hardcore. It’s not quite as apocalyptically all-engulfing as I usually prefer it, but I love what they’re doing nonetheless. The song goes through several passages before settling on a severely sinister bit of 50’s sci-fi phased noise backed up with tape distortion. Then the EyeHateGod cover kicks in. Nice.

This comes stunningly packaged, and if you’re able to track it down, you have the option of grey or black vinyl, with the etching showing up better on the latter.

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