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Among The Missing - Red Stars Parade


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: Christmas Eve
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 13, 2007
Iím not sure if Among The Missing have the same singer as they did on their beautifully ugly demo, but it seems like it, as the way this guy vomits up those sweary bile-drenched missives, like the bastard offspring of Coalesceís Sean Ingram and The Jesus Lizardís David Yow, was the best thing about them. The rest of the band barely keeps up with their endearingly sloppy, but always raging, punk hardcore riffage, downtuned to the centre of the Earth, drawing upon the coreís evil heat for a seriously cathartic blast of pure rock fury. So yeah... fun.

RSPís ďSolomon SozĒ is based around absolutely monolithic riffs, laden with a heaviness inextricably and effortlessly twined with a keen melodic sense. Thereís a feel of the epic about the way this band approaches things, without it being overblown or phoney in the slightest. The stabbing guitars and alternately rigid and playful rhythms feel natural, without striving for anything too original. This amalgamation of latter-day Helmet and Neurosis feels like a blast fresh air to the cobwebs lingering in these eardrums.

RSP definitely win it this round, but itís a great release all round, heartening to see from the UK scene, with a great sleeve to boot!

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