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Free Republic of Soul

Live at Delaney

Year Released: 2005
Format: Tape
Label: free republic of soul
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Jun 13, 2007
Another release from the excellent fuck it tapes label, limited as usual to 100 so if you're interested you probably better move fast. The cover art is pretty sweet too, as with most fuck it releases.

Free Republic of Soul have an interesting sound, equal parts rock (and roll) and emo. Probably more rock in fact. For the most part they cut the two up together pretty expertly, but there are some moment's like the second track here 'black and blue for you' that are pure rock. I'm not sure if the muddy guitar tone is deliberate, or down to the recording, but it gives an almost stoner vibe throughout. Although personally i'd have preferred something a little cleaner, it doesn't sound bad, indeed it works pretty well mostly.

My favourite bits here, however, are the bits on tracks like 'asleep at the wheel' and 'the meek shall inherit the earth' where the rock influence only serves to give the songs a driving, mid nineties feel. Add in some Hoover loving basslines, and strained, almost breathless vocals, and i'm hearing the same sound bands like Republic of Freedom Fighters came out with. From that perspective there's not enough of these parts overall, but at least they're not just rehashing old bands (even such good ones), and the rock parts make me want to boogie so thumbs up basically!

Overall, this is good fun stuff, and well worth a listen. I think there's a seven inch coming out in the next couple of months and it'll be interesting to see which style they err towards, but either will be good.

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