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Gang Gang Dance

God's Money

Year Released: 2005
Format: LP
Label: The Social Registry
Reviewed by Luke Younger on Jun 13, 2007
Gang Gang Dance were a band I could have quite easily given up on, after witnessing a dire live performance from them last year. Though a soft spot for their last LP (the delightfully titled "Revival of the Shittest"), and insistance from others who said that this band were actually worth bothering about, has kept an interest in them bubbling under inside me for the last few months. When I was in New York the other week (where this band are based by the way), I kept hearing their name mentioned by blathering tongues, and every bit of shitty music press I ended up reading would always mention those three damn words. In fact the day after I flew in, they were playing at the Irving Plaza opening for Slint, who had handpicked them as support. Williamsberg and Manhattan were both gushing over them so hard, that any opinion, comment or review I might have bothered to have written or made about them would have fallen on deaf ears.

So was it all worth it? Right now, I'm gearing towards the positive. "God's Money" follows on from what we'll call "ROTS" (to make my life easier), in the way any band (and I mean "band", not group, ensemble, quartet or whatever...I'm talking rock terms) delivering their 3rd record would. Ie: it's more focussed for example, there is more of a gear towards songwriting and it seems like they've practised these songs for a while and would be quite capable of playing them in a similar way if you ever went to see them live. Despite this, they have kept the gloriously odd ramshackleness that "ROTS" had, but have built wonderfully bizarre pop moments around it. At times, "God's Money" reminds me of what Can might have sounded like if they had Kate Bush on vocals, with the repeated rhythms and totally sweet, eccentric falsetto vocal. Especially on tracks like the jaunty "Before my Voice Fails" and the almost cinematic sounding "Egowar". My personal highlight however is "Nomad for Love", which has a disturbingly haunting quality about it, with vocalist Liz Bougatsos using her delayed vocals to a sinister and spooky effect.

So as oppossed to about a month ago where the jury was still out on this band for me, it seems after hearing this they might have reached a decision. GGD's fate will be decided at the end of the month when I see them live again, but for now "God's Money" is something I would strongly recommend picking up.

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