A horrible hack


Paradise Park

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Voluptuous
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Not only do we get sent cds by the Kaiser Chiefs for review, but we get sent cds by bleedin' Kaiser Chiefs clones too! Aren't we the lucky ones? And the C-Jags certainly make for a dreary daguerreotype of said band. The first song on here is bland talky vocals that goes into the catchy "post-punk" chorus where they shout and go stop-start-stop-start. Joyous. Of course, its all well produced and played and is edgy enough to make student macaroons think they are being vaguely rebellious and angry during their Saturday night session on shit lagers at the local indie dive, whilst also being melodic enough to get radio play outside of whichever student loving bumface is presenting the Radio 1 "Evening Session" at the moment. The second song is worse, and has whiney indie vocals. The drumming is so annoying.

Below this review you will hopefully find 2 or 3 enlightened comments from fans of this band who have somehow stumbled over this review whilst tanked up to the eyeballs on shit lagers, and they will proceed to criticise my sexual prowess, shocking taste in music, and various other attributes of my obviously mislead life. Their forthright opinions and powerful putdowns will surely reduce me to rubble, crying many wet tears of deep sadness. Woe.

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