A horrible hack

The Boxer Rebellion


Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Mercury
Reviewed by Gareth L on Jun 13, 2007
Seemingly oblivious to the less than good review a single from this album received here back in March (choice quote: 'Farty wannabe arena rock with all FX'ed up vocals and big sweeping guitars that go into loud choruses where they sound like if Feeder used distortion') here are 9 more tracks just as bad as that one. Ooh. Actually, that's a bit of a porkie. There are 2 tracks on here that are actually quite enjoyable. 'The Absentee' is a good closing track and 'World Without End' is also rather nice; gentle and understated. When they try to be the Cooper Temple Clause ('The New Heavy' sounds almost identical to this band), with big stadium rock choruses or try and be the Stone Roses and get a bit spacey, which happens for most of the rest of the album, they lose points. Someone on Amazon describes this band as 'Coldplay with an edge and meaning'. It all sounds a bit Manchester to me, and I don't like Manchester much. One for the NME readers.

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