A horrible hack

The Santiago Steps

Points and Corners

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
The first track on this CD if proof that it's not only Dream Theatre and people who like dumping their wives for the nanny who have been influenced by Genesis. Perhaps I am alone in the readership of this zine in enjoying the early work of Gabriel, Collins, Hacket et al... but if you do have a soft spot for "the lamb lies down on broadway" then you really ought to check this cd out. The vocals in particular have the kind of "sung down a telephone line by a fellow from an Oxford college on an acid comedown" vibe about them, the rest of the production is pretty lo fi and gritty, with some nice horn parts chucked in. The almost countryish female backing vocals are a strange addition but work really well (for me) on a couple of the tracks like "meant 4 U", even here though, they are definitely on a unicorn ridin', fairy seein' trip... " we were flying through the ether" is the first line. If you are a proper punk rock gob on everything fan you will probably vomit at the very idea of this clash between bed wetting K pop and 70's prog'... I'm sorry.. but aside from some quite unpleasant attempts at "funky" guitar and some fairly forgettable upbeat numbers this is quite nice. Although, in fact by the end of the record it seems that, at least half the time, they are the Spin Doctors on a very poor budget... disappointing as when they reach back to the era of the concept record and the enormous stage set they hit a much more interesting seam.

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