A horrible hack


Lying, Drinking & Losing

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Realesque
Reviewed by Gareth L on Jun 13, 2007
Rather more bitter than sweet. More non-descript pub rock for people who think the Stereophonics are a good band. This actually sounds way too similar to that inexplicably popular pop group for my liking, which can never, ever, be a good thing. Yeah, this is actually really bad. This is the type of band I imagine to be full of 'session musicians' who can do stuff like play their instruments well and know what knobs to twiddle to make them sound good. There are 11 tracks of lifeless 'rock', none of which stood out as being any worse or any better than the rest. Yes they can 'craft a song'. But there is really nothing here that is even remotely interesting to me. It's music for people who don't really like music. Very MOR, very boring, very safe, even their website is based around the interior of a pub! Worse than a bag of out of date pork scratchings.

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