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Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: kompakt
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
I have never heard any Superpitcher I really liked. Everyone goes on and on about him too so its good to hear a cd (albeait a mix cd) from him that is fucking amazing!!!

The full line up is: Lawrence, DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, Triola, Oliver Hacke, Psyhonaughts, Nathan Fake, Wighnomy Bros, Superpitcher, Max Mohr and Sebastien Tellier.

It is a pretty strong line-up (from what I know about this stuff). Lawrence has been a firm favourite for some time and his cut on here is more of the same beautiful spaced out techno thats spookier than a drive down Blue Bell Hill. The DJ Koze track is proper pill-happy crunked electro and its wicked. Stand-outs on this are the aforementioned as well as the Triola track (a Wighnomy Bros mix) which I think I already have on a 12" and the Oliver Hacke track. It's on these two tracks that the 80s synths wheel themselves out for some atmospherics not heard this side of the Tangerine Dream scored Near Dark OST. Just totally fucking awesome.

If your a Kompakt fan already I'm sure this is already in your possesion...but if not I implore you to check it as its totally amazing.

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