A horrible hack

Wolves In The Throne Room


Year Released: 2005
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007

First thing I did when this came in the post was get down on all fours and make love to the record's incredible artwork. The screen-printed silver on black cover is to die for.

When I put this on I immediately changed into a totally different person... all of a sudden I was on meths, adorning a tight leather jacket standing on a mountain range in the seering, horrific snow. The riff that kicks this off is classic old-school thrash meets Immortal's take on bleak, gruesome black metal. When the incredible drums speed up just that little bit more, it is utterly thrashtastic. Its like Weakling meets Darkthrone with a bit of Ludicra chucked in. But, you get the impression they are versed well in their history of classic punk as well, as there seemed a general feel of bands like Dystopia, Discharge...one just gets the impression that theyve done their squatting time. On "Queen Of The Borrowed Light" they kick into this fucking amazing Burzum meets Burning Witch sludge riff, that only comes up for its icy shot of air when it suddenly becomes the most beautiful glacial riff I've heard since I was taped the Jasemine demo.

This is utterly THE REAL SHIT. It has kicked me right up the fucking arse everytime I've played it. Please buy it as I am getting excited just typing about it!

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