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La Quiete - Louise Cyphre


Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Electric Human Project
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I was worried recently that La Quiete may be starting to pass me by a little. Their live show ealier this year was hella fun, but I'd be damned if I could recall any particular song they played (note: I was more than drunk though the 2nd time I saw them). I dug out the 10" the other day to give it a listen, and whilst I enjoyed it, I couldn't really pick out more than a couple of songs that I remembered, either from the record or from the live show. And now they are on this 10", which appears to be more of the same. Its still very good, don't get me wrong. I enjoy their brand of hectic emo, and still love their cunning use of melody amidst all the explosion, and they pull off the breakdown to great effect in the first song "Fai Finta Di Non Girarti", and they often have me swaying in my chair. Its nothing out of the ordinary, it won't shock you, but its still really good stuff - I think I prefer the songs on here to the previous 10". Pretty impressive overall, and will surely appeal to the La Quite afficionado.

Louise Cyphere are screamo as fuck. They haven't really changed since I last heard them (split with Apoplexy Twist Orchestra), playing bludgeoning skram with Orchid tinges and fiddly guitars. Its all out of control and suitably nuts, but sadly, I am not tuned in with many bands that play this form of beserk any more. Everything seems to be in the right place, its tight, they do nice emo parts with twinkle guitars, and they go off the rails. I should think they will be much enjoyed when they hit the UK with Raein shortly, whilst I will be the old jaded fart at the back nodding my head a bit, thinking about 1999, and hoping someone will buy some shit from my distro.

I think this is most definitely a record that more up to date people than I will enjoy, ack. I feel old, because I know that just a few years ago I would have loved both sides of this equally. I think I've had my time in the sun and I'll go and hide in the corner with a few records that have singing on whilst La Quiete have everyone rolling on the floor and Louise Cyphere crush the kids into oblivion. Fetch me my pipe and slippers.

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