A horrible hack

Jack Nicholson


Year Released: 2005
Format: CDR
Label: Krayon Records
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jun 13, 2007
Apparently already quite unrepresentative of their current musical direction, this is still an excellent collection of recordings, but explaining why it is so good is the tricky bit. I have no frame of reference from which to adequately describe this, which could mean that this is surefire original and progressive work, or I know screw-all about music. I would say that itís essentially a noise record; found sounds manipulated and coerced to create atmospheric soundscapes (a word I promised I would never use again, but never mind) that sometimes soothe, but mostly disturb. There is much good use of massaging drone here and there, but really, instead of trying to analyse it piece by piece, working out where samples came from or what instrument was possibly used to recreate a certain moment, the music lends itself to being considered as a whole. Itís quite remarkable how eventful this is without fully bursting into your consciousness, reminiscent of Aphexís ambient work when it gets into grating your eardrums, Brian Eno when itís calms down and probably some other Warp shit when it gets marginally more propulsively beaty. But generally, this is CDR is amazing, and hopefully a ďlegitĒ release is coming soon.

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