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We Are Corpses - Her Breath On Glass


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Interesting split we have here, featuring a bunch of young whippersnapper skrammers from o.o.p. north (We Are Corpses) and a two piece US band featuring the emotional talents of Andy Maddox, who obviously doesn't quite get enough of his cheesemo fetish satiated by the Saddest Landscape as he has had to start another band that sounds pretty much exactly the same.

We Are Corpses crank through a pair of songs on here, in a fashion not all that far removed from the Saddest Landscape. Its all despairing vocals, pumped up guitars that lay on the noisy melody and the occasional blitz of fast drumming and screaming. The second song twinkles prettily out of sight at the end with distant vocals and away from the mic screaming, not unlike a long lost section of a previously undiscovered September song. Nice.

Her Breath on Glass is about as cheesemo a name as you could get (perhaps "A Bloodstained Angel's Breath on Glass" would have pipped it to the post), but what else would expect from the lord of the genre, Andy Maddox? His bands may seem a little over the top, but I am not complaining as I enjoy their output. If you listen to powerful, intense emo with hoarse bellowed vocals and your favourite band list on MySpace includes Indian Summer then you will be all over this. Plenty of shirt grabbing and hair tugging to be had here, they also do the crying away from the mic part.

Just to reinforce that this actually came out in 1994, you can admire the packaging too (hand numbered tied card, envelope sealed by wax containing lyrics and a photo). Good split for those that like it emo.

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