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Beaumont Hamel - I Spoke


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: sonic deadline
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Beaumont Hamel is a really good band. Two songs on here, first is "The Communist" which is fast and pretty straight-forward emo. The dual guitars hare onwards with a great little bubbling bassline helping keep you on your toes. Vocals are screamed. Second song "The Country Club" keeps up the urgency, I really like the pace that this band plays at on this 7". Its not too fast as to become a blur, but it definitely is energetic and exciting. They kind of remind me of the more melodic Mohinder stuff (such as "Numb") with a dab of singer Adam's previous band, Mach Tiver.

I Spoke do one song called "Friends Not Fans", about how in hardcore everyone involved should be on the same level, that the bands are no more important than the people who go see them, which is one of the things I most appreciate about our music scene. Musically I am less into what they are doing here, but they are solid enough playing the Saetia / Portrait sound with harsh screamy vocals and music that slows down before building up and getting chaotic. Plenty of sobbing over sombre twinkles to be had here if thats your bag. Not bad, but I have heard better.

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