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Blame Game

Honey And Salt

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Stickfigure
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, so I am so siked to review this, Blame Game has become one of the best modern punk bands to me, so original sounding and so punchy and tight at the same time. To describe their sound is difficult, saying "jazzy emo" doesn't really amount to much because they don't sound like Off Minor, saying "Gravity style hc" doesn't amount to much because they don't sound like Mohinder, infact they are probably the first "jazz influenced" punk rock band I have ever heard which actually sound more jazz than punk sometimes, and in this new CDs case a lot of the time.

This cd is the perfect transition from the little EP grafted onto the start of the discgrophy cd, which is also reviewed on this site by me. Lyrically this band are spot on, basically they play really "arty" hardcore and still don't talk utter shite, which doesn't happen too often. Loads of social comentary, abstract enough to keep you keep you reading, straight forward enough to work out and get in the mood of the song. Pretty inspiring attitude towards song writing.

I don't even know who to suggest to pick up this, because I have no idea what it "is", but I fucking love it. It's funny the last thing I said "this is the best record I have heard in ages!" was the last Blame Game, and I am thinking this again now.

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